By her 20th year she had affixed her stamp as an 'A' Grade Artiste of All India Radio to lay claim to be, perhaps, the Youngest-ever Artiste to do so.

Besides top stardom, she performed at Kamaraj Hall, Narada Gana Sabha, Indian Fine Arts Society, Shastri Hall and The Music Academy - all in Chennai - the ones in Bombay, Bangalore, Culcutta, Hyderabad, Delhi and Trivandrum within India , and also overseas concerts at Europe, Belgium, USA, Singapore, New York, London, Dubai, France, Israel and Jerusalem .

As a proof of the thrust for the versatility, she had remarkably fulfilled 5000 recordings on this instrument, display of total command over the Veena. Her discharge of ragas and compositions reveal her sublime sensitivity for the musical expressions they deliver . She is a student of Mr.Augustine paul in western theory as well.